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LayBag - Inflatable Lounger

The outer layer is made out of a special, very robust, light weight, high quality Nylon Ripstop, which was developed to face the elements with ease, with a focus on durability and sustainability.


You can use the LayBag on almost any surface e.g. grass, sand, concrete and snow as well as water*. This will make LayBag the first choice for festivals, parks, the beach and other locations where you want to relax. Its rugged design and durability make it possible to use the LayBag on uneven surfaces like in the mountains, in the jungle or in other uncomfortable locations.


The LayBag on weighs 1.2kg and when packed in it's tavel bag, is only 17cm x 37cm and is 210cm, 100cm when fully filled with air, making it enjoyable no matter your size.


We tested the LayBag for durability, seam stability and puncture resilience on rocks with five people on and it was perfect, no trouble at all. Regardless, we recommend not to load the LayBag with more than 2 - 3 people (200kg).


The LayBag is waterproof and the material dries super fast. Due to its volume of 700 litres of air it even floats on water perfectly!*


Thanks to the dual, removable inner chambers of the LayBag and the especially developed and improved closure mechanism, the LayBag can stay inflated long enough to sleep on it through the night.


Thanks to the various design patents, German engineering and continuous product development, you are ensured to receive a high quality and original product that will ensure long lasting enjoyment.


*LayBag is not a registered floatation device.


Price: £ 39.95
Delivery time: 2-5 days
Weight: 1.2 Kg
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